Writing E-Mails across the Globe

Workshop Enquiry

Global business requires communicating with people from all cultures and creeds. This will mostly happen via E-Mail – and almost always in English. Join us for a workshop that will make your international collaborations more successful – regardless of your country of origin or your English proficiency.

In this workshop you will …

  • discover how to make the most of your current skill level, whether your English has become a bit rusty or is quite proficient.
  • become aware of cultural differences and learn how to deal with them.
  • learn ways to promote mutual trust and understanding when working across cultures.

We will identify a range of concepts and practices that may seem self-evident within our own cultural context – but that can come across as strange (or even rude) to people from other corners of the world. Learning how to manage these differences will assist us in building the successful business relationships we are looking for.

After this Workshop …

You will be more effective when corresponding in English, you will know about communication pitfalls and how to avoid them, you will be aware of your own cultural biases and practices – and therefore communicate more successfully across the globe.

The world is becoming more global, are you?

Workshop description in German.